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Mouth sores/foods to avoid


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Mom is pretty much refusing to eat. Yesterday she had a milkshake that I made for her and 1/2 of a sloppy joe. Today, nothing so far. She did get the magic mouthwash and another RX (diflucan? i think). It's helping but she still is avoiding food.

So my question is- what foods irritate that condition? I assume that acidic foods like tomatoes and orange juice etc. But is there a list somewhere that anyone knows about.

And additionally, I've read a couple threads about this topic and it sounds like carnation instant breakfast added to the milkshake would be a good idea. Maybe some fruit. I'm not worried about her needing to *gain* weight just maintain and keep as healthy as possible.

Thanks for any advice. This really has me nervous.


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Amy, did your mom have the radio surgery? I am trying to figure out why she is not eating. She hasn't had any radiation has she? I must have missed some of your posts. I just went back into your profile and read some but didn't see anything about the radio surgery?

I know when Buddy was having trouble eating, i made him home made chicken noodle soup, vegetable beef and chili. He was able to eat small amounts. All of this problem was cause by all the radiation he had. After the radiation stopped, it took about 3 wks and he started eating good again.

He still takes carnation instant breakfast every morning with his breakfast. He hated the ensure and the other one, can't think of its name right now....When he was having really bad times, I would put fruit or icecream in with the carnation.

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Norme: she had stereotactic radiosurgery at the end of July. She's also been on chemo for over a year. I'm assuming the mouth sores have to do with the chemo and not with the recent surgery. She has an appetite but not the will to eat because of all the pain that it causes right now.

I think we're looking for some things that aren't acidic and aren't crunchy/pokey in her mouth. Soup, milkshakes etc. But I want to fortify what she's eating as much as possible and as much as she'll let me to maximize the few times she actually will put something in her mouth.

Thanks for your help.


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My favorite thing during radiation when it hurt to swallow was a vanilla soymilk shake with strawberries and a big spoonfull of peanutbutter. Blend it up and it should go down pretty well. Has lots of protien too!

I hope your mom's condition improves quickly -- but tell her she NEEDS to eat to keep up her strength!!!

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