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The Good, The Bad, on the ugly ;-)

Gina D.

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I have just had a big scare. For the past week + I have had moderate to severe chest pain, in the same spot..a "burning lump" kind of feel. This is accompanied with back pain and pain under the shoulder blade. I also have had some back pain and a slight bloody nose, and I can't get rid of bronchitis. All this accompanied by a sudden increase in my shortness of breath triggers.

My pulinary doc immediately scheduled a chest XRay and blood work when I reoprted this to him last week.

Today my GP gave me the good/bad news. She was great, the very first thing she said was "The cancer is not back, don't worry" There is NED on either the film or indicated by the bloodwork.

She determined my pain is topical, a stress and diseased cartlidge between my upper ribs where they meet my breastbone, and an inflamed muscle in my shoulder and neck.

The Xrays did reveal a case of COPD in my LEFT lung (Surgery was on my right) that she feels was caused by smoking, but it could also be blebs. My CT is scheduled in a couple weeks, that will give us more detail.

So, with the "lump" I felt, I was sure there was a golf ball sized tumor in there, but there is none, and I guess I need to learn to lift correctly or something :wink:

Bronchitis and nose..she thinks is allergies as it clears up as soon as I climb up here above the smog belt everyday. I live in the mountains ABOVE LA.

I am in a much better mood tonite than I have been, but man..the scare!

I still get to have my regulars next month too..double check for this summer. Yay!

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Guest Cheryl Schaefer

I've watched your posts on line and like your spirit. While you may have a few health issues to deal with, the one thing you don't have to deal with is a cancer rerun. Take care of yourself. It's always better to check and see what's going on. After any kind of cancer diagnosis, every little bruise, I'm sure, is cause for concern.



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Gina - you keep posting all your fun spirited messages, and one would never know you'd had this scare! How do you do that? Amazing! But glad you're "OK" - as far as I'm concerned, as long as it's not cancer, you're OK!

By the way, even though Dave is a REALLY good trumpeter, dogs howl when he plays the trumpet - NOT the piano! Our dog Miles (God bless his soul, he left us in February) was quite a character - a big handsome choc. lab - and when Dave practiced Miles would sit at his feet and howl at the tops of his lungs, I think he was singing along! I would sit in the next room and laugh until I had to run to the bathroom!

hang in there!

Karen C.

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David C ~ Don't worry about the dogs howling! I have 2 Beagles, it's music to my ears.

I do not believe in bringing the whole world in on my worries if there is a question. I have had 2 cancers now, and I did the same for both. I let the man in my life know what was going on from the begining so I would have a little help with the worry, but I never let on to my family until it was a "for sure" thing and a plan of treatment was in the works.

That "man" ran for the hills with this last one..a whole other pain, but if it happens again, this cancer thing, I will lean on you folks if needed, OK?

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I can't believe either that you have been worrying with that and the form that good news now takes. I don't think we'll ever be able to not worry about every new pain and symptom that comes along. I'm kinda like you about sharing information, worry in silence until I know. But we're here for you.


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