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Getting to Know You - June 29


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Wow , Ann, where do you get these questions? I would have to say that my first reaction is to say yes I think I would try. There would be so much to consider and so many lives that would be affected that to say that would be my final answer, I can't with certainty. I think I would need a lot of time and to know all the circumstances to make the final decision. Back to first reaction, I would have to say yes.


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I was adopted but it was never kept a secret from me. My adoptive parents were wonderful and there was never any "reason" for me to find my biological parents. But...it was something that was always in the back of my mind. As a young girl, I used to have this fantasy that my biological parents were these very wealthy people that were out there somewhere, actively looking for me. My adoptive parents never knew who my biological parents were. When I was pregnant with my oldest son, I stumbled onto some information that led to the identity of my birth family. My father is deceased and my mother still lives in Knoxville, very near to where I was raised. They were about the farthest thing possible from wealthy. My dad and I had a very good relationship but my mother and I were (and still are) like strangers. That's all a long, boring story that I'm sure no one is interested in. But...I am so often sorry that I ever found out who they are. My parents are the loving couple that took me home from that hospital, when I was three days old.

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if I was to find out today at my age, I would not want to find

my biological parents. My brother is adopted and even

though his wife wanted him to try and find his family

when she got pregnant to see if there were health issues to deal with

my brother refused. He has a family and the "other"

people have no room in his life.

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