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Getting to Know You - July 19


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Hope everyone has the same blue skies that we have here in Florida today! You know what? I think today is a marvelous day for a LCSC Parade. Let's all dress up in funny hats and carry signs to promote LC awareness.

Now...describe the hat you are wearing and tell us what your sign says.

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Ginny, I know why you're not wearing a hat and your face does look lovely but....you just seem to have a wonderful hat personality!!! I can just see you as being able to wear even the most outrageous of hats.

But, being able to see your face would definitely be in order with your sign. By the way, I love the sign.

I'm wearing a dark blue baseball cap that says Action Service Plumbing of Brevard. This was the name of Dennis's company that he was so proud of. He wore one of those caps constantly. I kept the cap that he wore most often and from time to time, I get it out of the drawer and hold it to my nose, in hopes to get a little smell that will remind me of Dennis.

My sign is very simple and to the point. It just says...Lung Cancer has no age preference. 50 is too young to die.

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The hat would have to be something obnoxious, with beads, sparkles, sequins, etc.

Maybe I'd have a big sign that says, "YOU DON'T DESERVE LUNG CANCER--NEITHER DO WE"!

But, in keeping with the exmple set by the hat, I'd be quite friendly and fun about it.

:) , KElly

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