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Connie more news Monday 9/8

Donna G

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Some have emailed me wanting to know how Connie is doing. I spoke with her this am. She still needs those little pills some to keep comfy but less. She is hoping she will get rid of the O2 soon completely. She is having to make Dr visits to get lab work for the coumadin. She has not been going up and down the stairs to the "puter" too much and is sorry she has not been updating you. She tells me she had to get a new primary MD this week, her regular one fell out of a tree trimming branches and punctured bothe lungs with broken ribs, fractured his jaw and arm amongst other problems so he'll be out of work for a while!!! Bet he has chest tubes coming out bothe sides!! She can not drive but it sounds as if she still is doing phone support!! Please keep her in your prayers as she heals for their next attempt and removing the tumor from her left atrium. Donna G

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Donna, thanks for the update. Connie is on my mind a lot. Her poor doctor!! I alway wonder if the doctors know how painful the chest tubes are...I guess this one does. :? Hurts just to read about it. I'm glad to hear Connie is getting along OK. Time heals all and of course she is in our thoughts and prayers.


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Thanks for the update on Connie. You are so kind to take the time to find out what is going on with others from this forum. It is greatly appreciated and we are all honored to know you in the way we do. People from Minnesota are such kind and special people. I know, my father was from there. You and Connie are in my prayers as well as everyone else on this board.

God Bless and praying fpr a "Cure" for all of us.......



Dx'd 3-03, nsc 3a, Radiation and chemo (Taxol/Carbo)

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