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Chemo question


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I finished my second round of chemo, carbo/taxol/avastin, two weeks ago. I was fatigued for about five days, same as the first time, and then I felt pretty good. A couple days ago I noticed I was getting really tired again, I had some chills but no fever, a little SOB, and some ringing in my ears. At first I panicked, and then I pulled out the info packet on chemo I was given at the hospital (but never read entirely), and it seems all these are symptoms of low red blood counts. Does this make sense? It didn't happen after the first chemo and my last one was two weeks ago. I'm just not sure how worried I should be.

Any thoughts on the subject would be much appreciated.


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Just to add to what the others have said...please be careful not to pick up a bug from your kids. School is starting and they will be bringing home all those germs -- with your counts (possibly) down you can get something real easy. Our little cesspool has taken John down a few times when his counts were low and he couldn't fight things off.

If your fever goes up, call the doc right away to get antibiotics.

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you got some very good advice here, I would also mention to you that the platium based chemo. can cause things like the ringing in your ears, also platium based chemo can bring on neuropathy in some people, my husband is still having this problem. Also I'm sure you know that chemo accumulates in your system, so it's building up and up. If your blood cell counts get too low there are always shots, such as arensip? and neulestra or neuprogen.

your best bet is to talk to your dr. or if you have a nurse practitioner about it, unfortunately it is normal, so in a sense just think of it as a normal occurance.. wishing you all the best....


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The few times that my red count went down it was always between infusions. Mine showed up in my weekly blood tests and a shot soon brought them back up.

My advise is to check with your dr about the possibility of low counts and knock it out if this is this case.

Don't forget that there is no such thing as a stupid question where cancer is concerned - they've heard them all more than once!!

Take care


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First I would have to say if you have concerns, call the doc! They are getting paid well to be your caregiver, and you shouldn't be afraid to call...ever! My mom always said, "I don't want to bother her!" and it drove me crazy!!!

I also have to say that Dad's chemo was a piece of cake the first time, and then it was the 2nd and 3rd ones that he really started to have the side affects. Watch that fever, as it might signify some infection that you want to get taken care of ASAP.

God bless, Tracy.


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