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I'm trying to find support groups for me and my mom, but I'm not sure where to look. I guess I'm just so stressed and scattered about this whole thing, that it's hard to think straight sometimes. We live in the Los Angeles area. I guess I could look in the obvious places, even at the hospital where my dad gets his chemo. I just feel like my brain is on zone mode lately. Thanks for any suggestions! I love this website, it has given me the most peace of any place I've gone. :)

Thanks again,


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I know Hospice has some type of a support group so you may want to ck there. Of course it may be after the fact, not sure...

LC is so hard on both the patient and his/her family. One has to take many deep deep breaths at times to carry on. just when we think things are going to turn around, we get hit again., so that is why it sometimes is referred to as a roller coaster ride.

Don't know much about your dad other then under your signature. Do you and your mom get out together to enjoy maybe an hour or two alone to do something together, shop, lunch, etc. Maybe that would help to get away if your dad can stay by himself.

This place is of great support for me. I find it has really helped me through some trying times. God Bless

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