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Hi everyone..

Let me say this. If there is one good thing about having this cancer..its the fact that I've returned to my religion and my God. I had not stopped believing in him but had strayed from him nevertheless. Which brings me to this morning. I went to mass (had stopped doing that for some 40 yrs) and the priest's sermon was all about crosses we have to bear in life.

He told an amusing story of this man who had decided that his cross was too heavy to bear and wanted another one. The gist of the story was that when God sends down his cross for you to bear...it is with love and is tailored made just for you and you should bear it in that spirit.

So my question to anyone out there is this: Should I stop asking God to rid me of this dreadful disease (believing in his words *ask and you shall receive*) and accept the cross he has sent me and ask instead only that he give me strength to endure this cross.

To some of you, this might be a Religion 101 question (too simplistic)..but I am just starting to try to understand all of this. I should go to a priest and will do so when I can which seems to be very difficult these days. What happened to the good old days (when I was a church going catholic) when churches were open to one and all all of the time and you could just walk in the ask to see the priest.

So, for now, I turn to you my friends for some thoughts on this if you care to share.

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I personally believe in "prayer without ceasing", asking God for particularls, and ready to accept what comes. Jesus in a parable tells of the woman who keeps pestering the local leader for a favor, and he finally gives in grants her request. Jesus' message is that we should not give up praying. This does not mean to me that if the request does not happen that we have not prayed hard or long enough, but that the answer is other than we envisioned. Praying is talking with God, so, in my book, we should continue the dialogue. God's blessings to you. Don

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Of course we had the same readings at Mass this am. I will tell you the first thing I did when I was told I had lung cancer was ask to be anointed!! That was nearly 6 yrs ago. I really believe that at the very least the Lord will " lighten your load" . As I will truelly vouche that this disease was the most challenging thing that I have ever gone through, the most difficult thing, the most freightnening thing , as I look back I received so many blessings, so much kindness, had so many people praying for me, heard from people I had not seen in so long . I continue to meet so many wonderful people. The Lord is celebrating that his beloved child has come home , you Bluebayou. Have a great day. Donna G

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The story of the Cross only comes around about once every 7 years so see how lucky you were to come back and hear it today and to understand what you heard. I do believe in the saying that God only gives us what we can bear. Sometimes that bearing seems so overwhelming and hard to get through but we do make it because whether we have gone to church or not, once religion comes into one's life, it never leaves. You might have put it on the sidelines for awhile but you found a way to bring it back into you life. Maybe not the one way that you would have wanted, but you did get it back nevertheless. Talk with God about whatever your heart desires. He will listen. If he is not ready for you then you will be here on earth for a longer time. If he has a place picked out for you, welllllllllll. Of course that goes for all of us, cancer or not..........

Enjoy what you have again found. Trust in the Lord....what will be will be....

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How WONDERFUL for you to have been in church today for those particular readings! God is so happy when His children return home. There are so many examples of that in the bible. YES,YES, ask Him to rid you of this disease!!! He can do it. Jesus healed the people in His time and continues to heal today. I have brought my father to Healing Masses and just last week brought him to a mass in honor of St. Peregrine the Cancer Saint and for the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick. I am praying with all my heart and soul that he be cured of this cancer. Jesus already healed him of lymphoma. I dont care what the statistics are, I go to Jesus with the faith of a child and ask for this because NOTHING is impossible with God.

Im so happy for you!

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