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PET Scans


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My mother has had a CAT scan every 6 months for about 2.5 years now. She always then sees her oncologist and everything is fine.

Last week she had a CAT scan on Tuesday and Friday she got a call from the receptionist at the Dr's office that they set up a PET scan for today. She had an appointment scheduled with her oncologist for tomorrow but now that they want her to have the PET today they changed this appointment until Thursday.

Is a PET scan usually done when a CAT shows something that is not supposed to be there? My mother did not ask any questions when they called her, she jsut said OK and is having the PET done right now.

I just wanted to know if this means they saw something??

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Hi ejpritz, Your Mom's story is inspiring...she's already made it through some rough news.

These receptionists! It could be they saw a suspicious spot, or...it could be something so simple as the hospital got a new PET/CT machine and they thought they'd make good use of your Mom's insurance. :)

As usual Don's advice is right on...worst case it is early and small spot.

Prayers for your Mom, Barb.

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