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Gamma Knife


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Mom saw the onc. today. He said there are 2 brain lesions above her eyes. No driving, no working. He said if the cancer is in the brain then it has to be in the chest again. She has a consultation with the gamma knife dr. on Monday and it is tentatively scheduled for Oct 3. What can i expect with the gamma knife? Is it still possible for a "cure" or is this just life extending treatment? Will she have neurological issues after the surgery? What experiences have you all had with gamma knife and brain mets?



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My Father had gammaknife for his three brain lesions. The follow up showed that it was a success. My Father didn't have any side effects from it.

The process of having the metal frame drilled into the skull would have to be the toughest to bare. My Father said that it hurt and the frame stays for the entire duration of the treatment and resting periods. They did a few three different sessions with him with breaks in between. He was walking in and out of the room himself. We even went out to lunch immediately afterwards.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.



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Cyberknife is the newest treatment without the frame. I know, I will have my first treatment of five this Friday, 9/22.I am going to the Cyberknife center in San Diego, CA.. I have had two real surgeries to remove one brain met each time.unsuccessful, so doing this now.I feel good about this treatment...

Go to sdcyberknife.org to read up on this. You can PM me if you would like...Also go to


You can ask real doctors questions about this procedure. It is said to be very effective,100%-90% of the time...It has the same results as GK but no FRAME. The site tells you all about the treatment.



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Alan did not have gamma knife on his brain met due to

size and location, but his IMRT raditation treatments

were very successful. His Met was very near his brain

stem. Alan does have some short term memory issues and

lost the hearing in his left ear. I am not sure it

is true about the cancer being back in your mom's chest

as that was not the case for Alan. Scans will be able

to tell you whether her cancer is back in the lungs.

Prayers for you and your family.

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