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Hopefully, this will heat the thermometer up!


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I just emailed this letter out to many of our closest friends. I'm part of Team Michigan but I have set a personal goal of $1000.00. Hopefully I'll find the need to up that.

Dear Family and Friends,

As many of you know, my Dad was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in November of 2004. His cancer, small cell lung cancer, is rarely surgically removed because small cell is a rapid growing cancer and the medical community considers it systemic upon presentation. He was treated with chemotherapy and radiation and achieved remission in March of 2005.

Unfortunately, in August of this year, a biopsy confirmed his small cell cancer has returned. Statistically, small cell recurrence has a grim prognosis. The cancer becomes resistant to chemotherapy and he's already had his full dose of radiation. My Dad will have scans in about a month and we will find out if his second line chemotherapy regimen has been effective. What we have learned is the longer the remission, the better the hope. More often small cell will relapse within six months; Dad was cancer free for fifteen months.

He's been feeling okay, his blood counts have been holding their own, he sleeps a lot but has basically been his grumpy old self. Two weekends ago, he found the strength to pull me out of the sludge and grime in his pond when I fell off a log trying to trim his willow tree. He's eating well and drinks a lot of water to keep hydrated. He's determined to beat this and he has us, his cheerleaders, to root him on.

Since his diagnosis, I've become involved in lung cancer awareness and became quickly discouraged by the lack of funding for lung cancer and want to lend a hand however I can. Here is what we have learned:

The Fiscal Year 2006 Defense Appropriations Act commits:

. $127.5M to breast cancer programs

. $80M for prostate cancer programs

. $10M for ovarian cancer programs, and

. $0 for lung cancer programs

In 2005, approximately $1,627 was spent on research per lung cancer death, compared with:

. $13,704 per breast cancer death

. $10,181 per prostate cancer death

. $4,496 per colorectal cancer death

Although it is widely assumed lung cancer is a self-imposed cancer, approximately 50% of the people diagnosed with lung cancer have never smoked or are former smokers.

My dad is a former smoker. My request is that you help support lung cancer research by sponsoring our Boston Lung Cancer Walk "satellite walk". Though we would like to be in Boston, my Dad can't travel during treatment so we will be walking in absentia.

When my Dad was diagnosed, he vowed to walk, instead of drive, to his mail box and get the mail. Not a small feat, his mailbox is at least an 1/8th of a mile away from his house. So on Saturday November 11th we will make the mailbox walk in virtual unison with participants of the Boston Walk. All sponsors are promised a picture of us with his beat up mailbox! So please visit the link provided and pledge whatever you can afford. The link offers a picture of my Dad in a purple t-shirt, that in itself is worth taking a look! He's a white t-shirt and boxer kind of guy. Thank you for your consideration. I will forward all sponsor information and well-wishes to to my Dad. You can reach me at sott@cass.net. Please feel free to forward this email to your friends and family or anybody I may have missed.

*Statistical information provided by lungevity.com

View my fundraising page at https://secure.campagne-online.com/regi ... ?SID=48073

What do you guys think? Wanna be the first to sponsor us? Act quickly, I'm still at 0% and Team Michigan, being a larger state, is determined to leave Team Oklahoma in our dust :wink: !

Kidding, Deb. You've started a great thing!

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Very nice Sheri--

Our team is growing-- Lisa O. joined, now I am waiting for the other Michiganders. You are a newer member so I will warn you, when you mess with Debi there is a good chance you'll get a crate of chickens in the mail. :lol: Spare her Debi-- she didn't know!

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I would love to sponsor you but I just contributed to Team Air-izona - Stacey dragged out the cute kids and they each have their own fundraising pages (good work! :shock: ) - I couldn't resist. Plus, I actually lived in Arizona once for a year.

I LOVE your email your sending out though!! By the way, be careful about leaving Oklahoma in your dust, we can probably go pound for pound when it comes to dust. :lol:

I won't send the chickens this time anyway - :wink:

Hey, I finally finished my flyer that I'm sending around to doctor's offices and such. If anyone might want to use something similiar and wants to see a copy, just pm me wiht your email address if I don't already have!

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Very well done, Sheri! That is compelling, and informative! I was so moved reading your post, and I will definitely be carrying the image of your dear Daddy, cruising to the ol' battered mailbox, with loved ones, and friends in tow, while we walk! It really warms the heart, to see so many coming together for this, ALL across the country! Way to go, Rich & Geri, for what you have set in motion, and EVERYONE who keeps it rollin'...

Yes, I brought the secret weapons out...the kids...bwahaha!!...It's been said, NO one can resist kids, and puppies :lol::lol: Actually, this was really important to them, as well, and they are already drumming up interest among their TEEN friends! My oldest daughter just donated 10" of hair to Locks of Love, and she also volunteers at the local Equine Therapy Center for Disabled Kids. She loves a good cause, and she truly inspires the rest of us!! 8) Thanks again, Debi! They were so thrilled to get their first sponsor!!

Really great letter, Sheri! I will visit your page. Oh, and ladies, as for dust??? We've got some dust in this neck 'o' the woods, too! :lol::lol:

Yours in HOPE!! (and fundraising :wink: )


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Yep, Ry, we're turning up the heat! Speaking of heat, I may have to turn mine on, it's been a little chilly here in Michigan.

I know I've only been soliciting for a week, but I feel like the "Little Engine that Could". Amazingly, I've received emails from non-donating friends saying "thanks for the update and if there is anything I can do....". My wealthy boss emailed me to say count him in as one of my Dad's cheerleaders. Uh okay...I'll do that, but can you pony up some bucks? Just kidding of course, patience has never been one of my best virtues.

I wish I would have mentioned in the initial email, they can also donate by cash or check. I'll put the donation in their name and put it on my card. So for those who haven't signed up yet, keep that in mind when you make your sales pitch to family and friends. I'm sure my boss will give me a check or cash. I'm not finished with the rest of my family and friends either. This weekend, I'm going to dig deeper into my email annals and email some friends I may have missed.

Also, Ry, I'll PM you with my address, I'd love to get some of those postcards. And Kasey, thank you for the donation to team Michigan! All the money will reach the same destination: Lung Cancer Research!

I think I can! I think I can!

On a sidenote: I found a chicken feather in my yard today. Got a little nervous, I don't live near a chicken farm...

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I understand what you mean, it's been real quiet over here in Oklahoma too- you can't even hear the chickens :twisted: ... hmmmm maybe they ARE in Michigan......

Seriously, I haven't had a donation in about a week. I have emailed EVERYone-

I sent emails out to those annoying people who you have lost contact with other than those annoying spam emails they send you constantly.. they never send a regular email saying hello, what's up, etc - just continuous spam. So I sent my begging for cash email to THEM, and guess what?? NOTHING!! IT stopped the spam for about a week, and now they are full strength again. (This doesn't apply to anyone on lchelp- I LOVE your spam emails, don't stop them!!!)

I guess I'll have to start pounding the pavement. :x

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It has been dismally quiet over here at Team AIR-izona, too! :evil:

I had to laugh, Debi! My emails are having the same effect, apparently. It works ever so much better than spam blockers... :lol:

I am so surprised by the apathy I've encountered. Although, yesterday, I got a conversation going in the grocery store line, after being asked if I wanted to donate, and hang my pink ribbon, I went into my rhetoric on LC. This time, THREE people in line started talking about their experiences, losses, etc. of loved ones, or friends - the woman behind me loudly proclaiming her friend died of LC and NEVER SMOKED!! I reminded them to look for a LUNGevity Foundation donation receptacle during the month of November....

I am RE-sending my email, this week (if nothing else, I will cut down my "FWD's" by half...) And I'll probably be "beatin' feet" thru the neighborhood, too :wink: ) I have a PET/CT on Wed. and I'm not afraid to use it for the "sympathy" donation from friends & family, either!! :twisted:

Great work, Sheri ~ what is that grit I'm tasting? Eeek...must be that Michigan dust.... :shock:

Yours in HOPE!!


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Just gotta love ya, Dazy......and all the rest of you too!!! Very quiet here as well. How many times SHOYLD we have to send out our plea???? 2 or 3 times already for me. I think I will call it quits. We are learning some valuable life lessons, aren't we?

Came up in the checkout line at my local 'small' farm market that I had cancer...........saw my survivor necklace (gotta share that story sometime). She said in a hushed tone...........'oh, you had breast cancer'..............and I replied in a clear loud tone..............'no, it was lung cancer'. She actually sucked in her breath and her eyes got as big as silver dollars. She couldn't believe I was standing in front of her living and breathing!

Anyhow, good luck and use whatever weapons you gotta use!!!!


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