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Good news of remission!


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First.....I am so glad to have this board and even though I have been here only a short time, I find all of your posts very helpful. I continue to read lots of archived items almost daily and I am inspired by all of you.

My mom who was diagnosed back in early July with limited stage SCLC is now in remission after 2 treatments. She got this good news on Sept 26 on day 3 of her third chemo treatment. Her first two treatments were with cisplatin and etopside but she has since switched to carboplatin because of all the side effects. She was in the hospital for 41 days (on and off but mostly on!) after beginning chemo and there were several days where I didn't think she would live a day longer.

Although we are happy to get this news, there of course is a lot of fear because you never know if remission will last. But hopefully it will last forever. Right now, she is too sick to be excited since she has just finished her 3rd round of chemo and is having pretty bad chest pain as a result of the radiation. But we are hoping that by Christmas time after her 4th and last chemo treatment, that she will be feeling better and able to enjoy life a little. She had successful surgery for her arterial leg clot although she will likely have chronic pain and some weakness in that leg/foot for the rest of her life.....probably because they had to prolong having surgery for three weeks due to her low blood count and low clotting.

I too have a lot of questions about remission and am curious to know if this is unusual to have such a quick response to chemo. They will do a PET scan at the end of all the chemo and hopefully that will continue the good news as well.

Thanks for listening and thanks for all your positive thoughts,


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this is wonderful news. small cell lung cancer does

respond very well to chemo and radiation. Enjoy this

news. As for your remission question, well as you have probably read in prior posts

this is going to be different for everyone. Please

try and just enjoy everyday as a celebration of life

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