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Crying day


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Woke up feeling sad, yesterday was My dad's birthday and although I found the day difficult, it wasn;t so much the Dad part but the fact that Mom would call me and say how are you... even though they were divorced for so long she still recognized it was his birthday and would lend her support. Oh just to hear her voice....

I had a meesage from her on my answering machine. It said "Thank for for putting up with me this afternoon, I appreciate you. I love you, Bye" all in a shaky voice. I took some kind of solace in the fact that it was there. I walked by the answering machine and it said 0. I must have somehow erased it. It was like a stab in my heart and another new ache as if i though she was in that little box I guess.

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It was my dads' birthday too yesterday, he would of been 66. I remember waking up and just sitting on my sofa and telling my husband, todays' my dads' birthday. I know the sadness, he died at 64, its' still too young. And now having heard that Shirley's dad died yesterday too.....well I'd like to think, he made it to their party yesterday.....

You take care...


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I have kept my husband's voice on my answering machine and he has been gone for 6 years. My brother thinks it's creepy, but like you I like to hear his voice. My mother in law used to call when I was at work and leave messages to him all the time. I am so sorry that your mom's message was erased, and I'm sorry you're feeling sad today. I'm keeping you in my prayers. Stay strong!

God Bless,


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