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Dad Was Diagnosed Today

Guest sandy

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I know the feeling of being scared. My husband, Dave, was diagnosed in March with SCLC. I was scared to death. Especially the word "inoperable." That makes it sound hopeless, but the thing is, SCLC isn't usually surgically removed because it is so fast growing, BUT, it responds very well to chemo and radiation. Dave's tumors were confined to one lung and the lung lymph nodes - he had 6 chemo treatments and 6 weeks of radiation to the chest, and so far, the tumors appear to be gone. We see his oncologist this morning to get the results of his 3rd post-treatment CT scan.

It's complicated process so coming to this board will greatly help you get through it all. If your Dad is a relatively healthy guy he will probably do fine. My Dad is 74 and if he got this I could see him beating it.

Take care and stay tuned with us,

God Bless,

Karen C. - wife of David C.

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Hi Sandy,

So sorry about your father but you are at a good place for support and knowledge. My husband is 70 and has stage IV nsclc and has been fighting it since 7/31/02. I hope your father is a fighter because that is what it takes to make it through all the treatments. If he was in good shape before this, he will do well hopefully. One never knows how any of these treatments will effect each individual...

Hold on for a long and hard fight for your father. Tell him he is in my prayers...God Bless

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Please keep in mind that attitude is everything when fighting cancer! I firmly believe that a positive attitude and faith in one higher than me has been what has seen me thrugh the past 3 months and what will continue to see to through!

We can NOT do this by ourselves but with the support of family friends and loved ones we can accomplish anything!

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Well, it's been two days since I learned of my Dad's diagnosis of SCLC. It's hard just typing that. The specialist told him that worst case scenario he could have as little as 2-3 months. His regular doctor said he didn't see it that way and that once he starts treatment it will all depend on how he responds. My dad isn't very healthy to start with. He has COPD and post herpetic neuralgia from shingles, so he's already in a lot of pain. The doctor said he thought they would only use radiation. I wonder why? I guess all these questions will be answered after he goes to the Cross cancer clinic to be evaluated. I have a very positive attitude when I am around him, but when I'm alone I feel totally devastated. When I'm will him we joke around and talk about things just like normal, and as soon as he leaves, I break down. I know I will have to get myself together, and I will because he means everything to me, and besides he could very well beat this....right!!!!

Thank you so much for all your replies. It really helps to have someone to turn to that actually knows what this is like first hand. I can't thank you enough for all your words of wisdom.


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Who are these dr's that give out stats like that? If we believed the first onc, my dad would have been gone already. He is now approaching the year mark, still tolerating the chemo. He was here last night for dinner and looked great. He has been taking Procrit and iron and it had made a big difference. I also copied all of the posts that you guys sent to me to tell me of the people who have been long term survivors. That too has made a difference. I thank you all.

Yes, this sucks! I still can't believe that we are in this position. He stopped smoking 32 years ago. I'm only 37 and I too have kids. I know what you are going through. My dad is my defender and my cheering squad. Can't live without him. I joke around and say that if I didn't have 3 small kids, I'd be in a 12 step program right now. Keep the faith, pray like crazy and hope for the best.

DAd gets results of ct on Monday. Please pray that it is all gone.

Thank you.


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So sorry to hear about your Dad, and I understand about how scared you are, but this is a GREAT place to be.!!!

The person who write keep being positive is soooo right. I think that has helped my Mother stay alive during all this.

Anyhow please lean on us if you need to, we are all in this together now, so time to "Go to the mattresses" & FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT.

meanwhile *hugs* to you and your Dad :D

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