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6 months today


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Like I have said before, I feel that my grief is like the tide.

Well the tide is coming in, and it is cold and painful and feel like it is crushing my chest. Why does it feel like it could be happening now? Like I should be laying on moms couch listening to her breathe? How can a date have such a huge impact on my emotions and my physical being?

I know in my heart I would not have her suffer but today I just want her back. I don't care about the rest. I guess I am feeling sorry for myself.... poor me poor me. Why couldn't she have been the 12%?

Why did God take both of my parents? Didn't he know this would crush my heart and wreck my soul?

Life just keeps going on and mine seems to be standing still, with my feet stuck in the sand.

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Three days before mom passed away, I sat on the couch and I listened to her sleep for two hours. While she slept, I cried, smiled, was thoughtful and reminiscent.

It was an interesting couple of hours in retrospect.

I wish you weren't going through this...I wish I weren't. I think it isn't feeling "sorry for ourselves" I think it is just plain unavoidable to want them back in the worst way.

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I'm sorry for your pain. I am missing my Mom too. She left 8 weeks ago yesterday. I wouldn't want her in pain anymore either, but I would give anything for one more conversation. One more look at her, one more smile. I wish you didn't have to be feeling this way. I'm sorry you lost both of your parents, I'm just sorry. My Dad was in the hospital for the second time in two months with lung related problems - not lung cancer but severe asthma. Scared of losing him too - terrified. I can only pretend to imagine how you are feeling. I think in time it will get easier, but it will take a long hard time. Please write to me if you just want to swap feelings. I am thinking of you and wishing you better feelings and days.


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