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This Is Getting Outta Hand! (In A Good Way!)


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Some might already know that my friend and I had begun planning a nice "little" fundraiser for LCSC that was originally set for November 12th. This "little" fundraiser is starting to get a bit BIGGER!! LOL

As my friend and I were kicking around ideas one afternoon we talked of having my brother's band The Barrelhouse Rockets play this particular gig. I'd explained that we'd need somewhere different than the conference room at a hotel for something like that and it got our minds working. (Thankfully SOMETHING did! :wink: ) We spent the following day making some phone calls after my brother (bless his heart!) told us of his contact at a local radio station...the program manager!! Missa (my friend) and I are now set to meet with Andy McCoy from KJJY in Des Moines on Thursday, November 9th to see if the station would be willing to donate the use of their "Events Center" to us for the fundraiser and to see if there are any other "big name" bands or artists available that would be willing to drop in and play a set or just do a "special appearance by" type thing. We're in contact with two local grocery stores willing to donate cookies and veggie/meat trays, we're talking to Pepsi, Co. to see about donating drinks, too. It's becoming something WAY bigger than we ever imagined and I'm still in awe of what two small-town girls with BIG dreams are able to get going if they put their minds together!!!

I keep praying that it becomes something that can put Lung Cancer Research (and the LACK of funding!) on the map!!!

Just wanted to drop a line to say...WOW! And let you all know what was going on. Seems the November 12th date probably won't happen and I'm not even sure if we'll fit it in for November at all...but it's going to happen one way or the other!!!

Much love and many, many prayers going out to you all!

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