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Local Article - UPDATED Pic of Charlie Published Sunday


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Awful picture! Oh well. Here is the article:

Release Date: November 3, 2006

Breath of Life - The Comprehensive Lung Program at Baptist Hospital West


Charlie Mynatt died on Easter Day at the age of 53. He had survived 27 months after a diagnosis of lung cancer, which is considered a long time for this disease. His wife, Tina, believes great medical care, along with Charlie’s remarkable attitude, made the difference.

“Charlie was determined to stay alive as long as possible for our two daughters,” says Tina. “Up until the end, he would pick up the girls and go to their basketball and volleyball games.”

A smoker for nearly 25 years, Charlie had quit four years ago. He thought he’d done the right thing and felt great. But then he developed some physical problems, followed by shortness of breath. Tests revealed advanced lung cancer that could not be treated with surgery.

“That’s the problem for most patients with lung cancer,” says Joe Meyer, M.D., a radiation oncologist with Baptist. “By the time they experience symptoms from the disease, the cancer has already advanced to a point where surgery is not an option.”

Charlie received nine types of chemotherapy and four types of radiation treatment, including a clinical trial. He was the first patient to receive brachytherapy treatment at Baptist Hospital West and was approved for the drug Avastin®.

“Between those two he had a really good response,” says Tina. “He was stable from September to March and it wasn’t until a bronchoscopy in April we knew it was bad.”

"Although current treatment options for advanced lung cancer can improve the quality of life for patients and prolong their survival, the results for long term survival are disappointing. While some research investigating the use of low dose CT scanning for early detection looks promising, there are currently no generally accepted early detection methods," says Dr. Meyer. "That's why prevention is so important."

Quitting smoking is the first step to take says Dr. Meyer. “There’s a physical and psychological component to the addiction so, if you smoke, you should see your doctor about possible nicotine replacement therapies or drugs which can lessen the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.”

In memory of Charlie, Tina started the Breath of Life Support Foundation to provide both emotional and financial help to patients and their families. The Foundation recently donated portable DVD players and DVDs for patients to watch while receiving chemotherapy at the Baptist Regional Cancer Center locations downtown and west.

“Charlie was a giving person who never kept score,” says Tina. “He would be proud of what we’re doing.”

For more information contact:

Breath of Life Support Foundation

146 N. Oakhill Drive

Louisville, TN 37777


Tina Mynatt (865) 970-9856

The Comprehensive Lung Program at Baptist Hospital West

If you’ve been newly diagnosed with a lung disorder, you only have one number you need to call: 765-6224. The Comprehensive Lung Program is designed to take a multi-disciplinary approach to treating your disease using the state-of-the-art resources available at Baptist. Our program coordinator is a registered oncology nurse and makes all the necessary appointments for you to be seen by the right doctors. She schedules any tests you may need and follows up with your personal physician. To receive this excellent comprehensive care, call today.

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