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I can't believe ...

Guest peggyd

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I can't believe it has been over a month since I posted to the board. It has been a rather busy month. I was so sorry to hear the bad news from some of you and my prayers are with you all, especially those of you who have lost someone in that period of time.

Mike and I DID get to take the trip on the train to Nevada and it was both beautiful and calming to both of us. When we came back, Mike got the results of his PET scan. The onc is concerned about the site on his spine and the fact that the mass in his lungs seems to have grown. So rather than do radiation as she had thought, she is going to put him on six treatments of chemo, taxotere, and on decadron. Looking up these two medications scares me to death! This new regimen makes me believe that the carbo/vp obviously were no longer working. How long before he runs out of meds that work on his cancer? Also, the side effects of these two new meds scare me. Any info on them, people's reactions to them would be GREATLY appreciated.

I can't help thinking that this time next year, I might have lost him. Mike has always lived for football season ... fantasy teams, etc. I just pray to God that he gets to enter his team again next year. I guess I just take it a day at a time as we all do. Don't need to tell all you how hard that is. My best wishes and prayers for us all.


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My experience with Taxotere was that it was easy. I sat in the oncologist's office for slightly more than an hour. When I left, I would go get some lunch and then head back to work. I was sleepy that afternoon because of the antihistamines they gave me in the pre-meds, but that was all the trouble i had. I only had two treatments, though--it might well have gotten worse. But after the Cisplatin/VP-16 combo, it was a dream treatment. Too bad it didn't work for me.


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Lucie took Taxotere in combination with Carboplatin. She went every three weeks for about 4 hours (it probably would be about half that time with just one chemo). The first two rounds were relatively mild, but with each treatment, the symptoms got worse -- she nad nausea, fatigue, hair loss, nail discoloring and warping, mouth fungus, eyes tearing excessively. These didn't all happen at once, but they all happened once or twice during the series. She took five treatments this year, having had two treatments the end of last year before infections caused a delay. Hope this helps. Each person reacts dirfferently of course. Don

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Earl had 3 taxotere treatments early this summer. He had to take some steroid the day before, the day of and the day after. The infusion only took one hour but he had to give blood and meet with the doctor, so it took the best part of 1/2 a day.

He tolerated it very well. He doesn't think so but he never reads any of the posts here or anything about lc. He has no idea how some of you have had bad side effects from chemo. He felt nauseous for a few days and he was TIRED.

Good luck

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Peggy, Buddy has just finished his third treatment of Taxotere two weeks ago tomorrow and what it has done to him is lowered his white blood count one week after the treatment. This time they gave him a shot of

Aranesp to up the WBC because it was very low. It also might have given him a little loose bowels...no major problem in that area...am waiting on scan results to see what is next. Will know more hopefully tomorrow as to whether he is staying on Taxotere or something else....or hope to know tomorrow.....

I do know that one chemo med prob is easier then two but it is good if one can have two. Buddy was to weak for two....

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Guest Jonathan

I hope everything is going and turns out well as always, but in the event that is does not and he will need to go on something else, you may want to ask about the following drugs...




cytoxin with vincristine and adriamycin


Just a thought-

Jonathan te11t@aol.com

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