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Still BreathingDeep in Asia..... Update on mike_s


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I went to Hong Kong last month for my birthday, and to help my fiancee fill out some papers for her visa. With a little luck she will be here with me by the end of the year. I took my BreatheDeep shirt for old times sake.For a few pics of my trip go to www.jaggedweb.com

We spent most of our time in Kowloon City, which is a working class city in the Kowloon peninsula in China that faces Hong Kong. Naphalai hates the touts in the tourist areas so we didn't go there much. It was very wierd for me, because I did not see a white face for the entire time we were there. Fortunately my Thai language skills are improving sd I could talk to her and her friends pretty easily.

I got to spend my 50th birthday eating dinner in a romantic restaurant overlooking Hong Kong harbor with my girl. It was wonderful. If any of you ever have a chance, see the Hong Kong harbor at night. It is beautiful.

I have a CT scan on Monday, and CT scans always make me think of the wonderful people here who supported me during my treatment. I thought I would drop by to say "Hi" and give you an update on my life. I will give you the results as soon as I get them on Wednesday.

I have been blessed by so many buddhist monks I have lost count. We can't seem to walk by one without Naphalai wanting to donate, and have a chant said over us to ensure luck. Naphalai thinks she is the luckiest girl in the world, and I kind of feel like I am the luckiest guy in the world. Here is Naphalai and I at a "wat" (temple). It is named after a very famous gent whose name escapes me.

The startup company I am working for is doing well, but having all of the problems startups do. I am working some serious hours,(like 80-100 per week) to make this company a success) My health is very very good, and I realy hope this scan is clean..... as a matter of fact, I am obsessing on it a little bit. I am starting a new life.

I hope you all had a nice Turkey day, and I wish good tests and good treatment responses to all.



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"Don M" Hi Mike: it is good to hear from you. I hope your ct scan shows continued NED. I suppose if you work so much, you don't have time to investigate Buddhism. I have always had an interest in it.

Actually, I looked at it pretty closely before I decided to marry a buddhist. :D

Despite being raised in a very religious home, I am not a religious guy. Once of the things that I find very interesting about buddhism is the lack of resentment towards people who are better off than you. The buddhists I have met think that rich people must have done something very good in a previous life to have it so easy in this life.

I find that more than a little odd.



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