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Don't know if this is the place to vent. I'm back on my nebulizer after being off it for months. this medication is paid by Medicare part B (not part D prescriptions) Got a new Rx and go to drugstore and get it filled. Showed them my last receipt (from them) Medicare pays 80% and AARP pays 20%. When I go back to pick it up, the drugstore says medicare will pay but AARP denied it. I had to pay the 20% if I wanted my meds so I did.

Get home and call AARP who says they will pay the 20%.

I went through this with that drugstore approx 2 years ago when I got my nebulizer. they made me pay the 20% and then I got a statement from AARP that they also paid the 20%. I had a hell of a time getting that drugstore to return my money. I had to argue with Corporate Headquarters. It's not a lot of money but still over $100 for the year is better in my pocket and not theirs. Good thing my purse was a catchall and I saved most of my receipts (paid in cash). They only returned the amount of my receipts and I think I was missing a few receipts so never got reimbursed in full. But they are the only drugstore in the area who will bill Medicare part B.

This year AARP said they will take care of it and when I get my statement saying they paid the 20% to call them and they will call corporate headquaters and get it straightened out. AARP won't get involved until they actually get the bill from Medicare and pay the drugstore. Hope I get my money back.

I don't think this is over yet but we'll see. Hopefully I have enough meds for a few months and this gets straightened out . I'll probably end up not getting totally reimbursed but as long as I end up not paying any more I don't care at this point.

Stuff like this is so stressful. Sorry for the long vent.

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