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Any one heard of hyperthermia?

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I just read an article from sciencenews.org and it sounds like an amazing advance in cancer treatment and has had loads of success in the trials but is not being used too much outside of testicular cancer, even though the benefits are tremendous, as good as 60% improvement over standard treatment...even in breast, skin of the head and neck cancers. Just wandering if anyone has had any experience or has any knowledge...???

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My mom was thinking about investigating this, but then my dad's melanoma returned with a vengence and she ended up being his caregiver, so she dropped the idea entirely.

I know it is done in Germany. It's called whole body hyperthermia, and it is done in conjunction with herbal therapy. I do not know of any place here in the US that it may be done, but then, this was 2 years ago.

As I recall, it would involve a stay of several weeks.


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In regards to hypethermia - a business associate of mine's wife has inoperable bowel cancer. They have gone to the mayo clinic and nothing more could be done than here in Canada. They have spoken to the clinic in Germany and I believe they are going in January - one of the very few Canadians if not the first to go - the price tag is hefty but they can get main treatment there and continue here with the chemo pills by the sounds of it. They have been given no hope so they are giving this a shot. The link that they gave to me is www.dr-peter-wolf-de/content-uk/index.html. Try that - if it doesn't work email me and I will forward to you their email to me. Best of luck.


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