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Christmas Songs

Don Wood

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One of my faves is Ray Stevens,

1) Santa Claus is watching you.

2) O' Tannenbaum. O' Tannenbaum

Now babydoll, sweetie-pie, sugarplum,

honey-bunch, angel face,

You know you better be good

And act like two fine lovers should.

Be careful what you say and do

'Cause Santa Claus is watchin' you.

(He's everywhere, he's everywhere.)

You'd better kiss and hold me tight.

An' give me good lovin' every night.

'Cause you'll be sorry if ya make me blue

'Cause Santa Claus is watchin' you.

(He's everywhere, he's everywhere.)

Well you may thing you can sneak around

and get away with something

But there ain't no way,

'Cause Santa's no fool, he's really super cool.

He's the secret head of the CIA.

Eesh, Iish, crime don't pay

(You can't do nothin' cause you're never alone

He's even got a wire tap on your phone.)

So baby if you ever but do me wrong.

Break my heart and leave me alone.

When Christmas comes, you be crying too.

'Cause Santa Claus is watching you.

(He's everywhere, he's everywhere.)


Every Christmas season, he climbs on his sled full of toys,

With fuel exhaust and side mirrors, the foxtails,the mudflaps,

the leopard-skin seats covers

And spreads Christmas cheer to all good little girls and boys.

Then he says on Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid,

Donner and Blitzen,

and Bruce and Marvin, Leon, Cletus and George and Bill and Slick,

and Do-right, Clyde and Ace and Blackie and Queenie, and Prince

and Spot and Rover

(So where's Rudolph - He's on a stakeout at your house.)

You can run, you can hide, but you can't get away

Got binoculars focused on you everyday.

So baby if you ever but do me wrong.

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Angels watching over me

Adeste Fedelis

Away in the Manger

A Child is Born

Deck the Halls

Joy to the World

Little drummer boy

Do you hear what I hear

Let it snow

Morning has Broken

Nut craker

Silent NightSilver Bells


just listening to them .


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Well, gang, I can see I wasn't specific enough. Sorry about that. When I said no mention of Christmas, I was including any reference to Christ's birth, which is Christmas. In that vein, Tina has two of them right. Another is Walking in a Winter Wonderland. Have a great Christmas, guys and gals. Don

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