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Surgical Healing ?

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I posted this in the wrong forum. I think it belongs here:

After visiting my surgeon today, I was thinking about his comments concerning eating and healing. He really puts heavy emphasis on the importance of my eating about 1000 more calories per day to promote healing of my lung surgery area. He says I must eat alot! Only problem is I don't have the appetite I used to which I thought was a good thing as I was overweight. Now I'm down to a good weight for my height and good BMI and really want to stay there for good.

So I guess my question is, how can I maximize the nutritional healing issue without loading on the pounds? Are there any supplements that promote healing? Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.



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My surgeon suggested a diet heavy in red meat when I was healing for the protein. I don't think proteins carry quite the weight-gaining power of carbs, and prior to having the irritation from radiation, I made sure to follow the doctor's advice and have a nice big steak at least twice a week. It was horrible, but anything to heal :roll: ... Juicy steak, fresh fried mushrooms and a fresh veggie.... Oh yeah, it was miserable...LOL

...and I did eat at least one serving of red meat a day, hamburgers or steak stir fry...

I'm sure if you talk to a nutritionist or read labels at the GNC you can find something that helps promote healing...

Good luck!

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Any kind of protein will promote healing; chicken, tofu, whatever pleases you. Remember good sense when you eat - like avoiding too much fat (should be 30% or less of daily caloric intake.) You are probably familiar with most of the general dietary advice; if not, the USDA has a good general website on nutrition: http://www.mypyramid.gov/ .

Just getting your usual recommended intake can be tough, much less increasing it, when you have no appetite. Do you have a support person who can run to the store when you have a craving? This is the time to indulge any food cravings. And you are right to maintain a normal BMI - but my guess is that getting fat isn't really much of a risk right now.

I do hope your appetite comes back. Meantime, try to think of food as medicine - you need it, even if you don't really want it.

Best of luck, Teresa

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