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what a weekend

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Ok...... so today i find out that mom is supposed to go out for a liver biopsy tommorrow morning, I dont know why cuz on her last mri the spots on her liver were shown to bee so small that the oncologist wasnt concerned and said shell check it again in 3 months. So after being on roxanol for the pain from a blood clot all weekend I have decided that she is in no shape to go for a surgery, I called dad to have him call rehab to tell them to cancel and the nurse tells him that she cant cancel but she will try to get ahold of MD. Also when my sister asked what meds she was on for the clot the nurse didnt know what she was talking about. I tried to page her doctor from the rehab but there was someone else covering for him. So i am going down there at 6:ooam to be sure that she is not taken anywhere. It seems like we are spending so much time fixing a ton of things in her and now im not sure what is going on. Any way my question is this.. do i go thru her oncologist or her md at the rehab for some answers? And should i fight to get a second opinion? She lives so close to Mass general hospital in Boston but dad hesitated to do that at the start. Im so frustrated.. ARRRRGGGGHHH. I HATE CANCER

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Thanks for your input. How do i go about getting a second opinion and which doctor refers her or do I call a cancer center and make an appointment? And will a new doctor take her on now that she is so sick? Thanks for your help.

Oh ya the Md covering for the weekend called my dad back and said he will cancel tommorrow. He said she is way too sick to go thru that (duh!)

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Seems like Katie has you covered on the ins and outs...and I have nothing more to offer there (She's awful good at what she does!)

But I'm sending lots of prayers and good vibes that you get this all straightened out soon so you and your mom (and dad) can take a nice deep breath and have a moment of peace!!

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I think you do need to talk to all doctors involved to be sure they are on the same page. I would think with a blood clot they would have her on some type of blood thinner and if that is the case they would defintely not want to do surgery. Please be persistent. We have found that you need to ask lots of questions as the medical staff does not seem to volunteer any info.


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I hate cancer too! I am so sorry that your family is going through this. This is sucha terrible disease.

I think it is important for all involved to be on the same page. Ask for whatever copies of information you can get, so that you can pour over it on your own time, not in the office, plus look up important words and such.

Without a doubt, I am a huge fan of 2nd opinions. Our second opinion changed my dad's life.

Please know you have my prayers.

God bless,


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