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My mother had surgey in October which went great, it was her second lung surgery.

They decided for her to do preventative chemo, she goes once every 3 weeks, 6 times.

She had her first treatment last Wednesday, she is getting Cisplatin and I cannot remeber the name of the other one. The other one is supposely easier to tolerate, so I do not think its to blame for what she went through.

She did not get out of bed for 6 days, and was in extreme pain. She has a very high pain tolerance so when she was in so much pain I could not even imagine. She said her whole body hurt so bad that she cannot go throught that again. She is going to ask if they can lower the dosage.

Is this common for people to have such a high level of pain and be sick for so many days after? Its kind of hard to believe that being that sick and not eating for 6 days every 3 weeks will help her in any way. I find it hard to believe that that will not do more harm then good.

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It doesn't sound right to me. I had carboplatin and never had any pain. I am glad you mother is not having the pain now and it is good that she is telling the doc about it. If it had happened to me, I would have been on the 24 hour on call phone immdeditlely. There is no reason to tolerate pain.

don m

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I have had one cycle of cisplatin and was very ill. But the flu bug (norovirus) was going through my house at the same time so the doctors said most of my issues were related to the stomach bug. I will go through the next cycle in a week and a half.


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First , just want to say I grew up in Beantown!

I had a Pancoast tumor.

I had Cisplatin and Etoposide before and after surgery.

I never had pain, I had fever once and at the end of the second round of Chemo I got neuropathy. My first symptom of that was falling down. Then just weird , altered sensation particularly in my feet. The doctor said it was caused by toxicity of Cisplatin. I wonder if her pain is from "altered sensation" She should talk it over with her Onocologist. Best wishes.

Donna G

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If she is in pain or really sick call your doctor immediately. There are so many medications to help with these side effects. Chemo is so different than it used to be. They have so many different meds to counteract these symptoms. Is the other chemo alimta? My mom didn't have any pain but definitely call her doctor.


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I remember my Mom's onc's first words about her chemo treatment were that if she was experiencing intolerable pain, nausea, vomitting.... she should be in touch as soon as possible and that they'd change her treatment to something more tolerable. I guess I just assumed discomfort was going to be part of the package. Although the doc doesn't guarantee a smooth ride, she was quite emphatic about trying to keep the process as comfortable as possible.

Mom's on Carbo and Etoposide, and has never had any of the symptoms you describe.

Good luck at your appointment - I think checking in with the doc is best - Your mom shouldn't have to suffer.


WE're in the Boston area too - where is you Mom getting her treatment?

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I am sorry for all that she went through. The side effects she experienced are very sever, which is more likely with cisplatin than many other types of chemo. Cisplatin doublet combinations are the regimens that have the best evidence showing a benefit after surgery, BUT the cisplatin is notoriously challenging due to risk for nausea and malaise as well as potential for kidney damage, neuropathy, hearing loss, and other issues. Carboplatin is often much better tolerated and is a similar drug, but it has less evidence to support it after surgery. Still, because of the side effect problems, many oncologists recommend a carboplatin-based doublet instead of cisplatin, at least for some patients.

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I agree, I don't think a reaction like that happens to most people i would have it checked immediately.

I will say after having both Carbo and cisplatin that the latter was much harder to do. I had nausea, confusion, pain and neuropathy with it.

I hope that her next treatment is easier for her to handle.


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