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Latest CT result - Bone Met


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This board has been so much help during this difficult time of my life. I do not remember one single day that I do not check this board.

My dad was diagonsed with NSCLC last Septmeber with mets to rib and spine. He has gone through 4 rounds of chemo(toxel and Cisplate?). The latest CT scan shows the primary tumor has shrinked almost 80% which is good news for us, however, it looks like the chemo does not do any good to his rib and spine. They are getting worse. One of the doctors said we should stop the chemo since it does not work for the tumors on bones. And it seems there is nothing we can do to the bones although my dad does not feel any pain at all.

What should we do? I am so scared that I might lose my dad to this horrible monster.

Any advice?



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Radiation should be getting rid if the tumor. If there are mets that are not causing pain, they will not radiate. I have several mets that as of now are not causing pain. If and when they do, I will have radiation to destroy the tumor. The problem is this causes problrms with the bone. I have 2 fractures in my spine from where I was radiated. Again, since there is no pain, only Zometa is being used for treatment.

Why chemo would be stopped is bewildering. It is clearly working on the primary tumor. And the primary tumor is what sends off the little annoying cells that become mets. So chemo would seem to be desireable.

Have you talked with another doctor for a second opinion?


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Most likely the doctor will start another chemo--if you look at my profile you will see my husband has been on several. Ask your onc what the next step is, if you don't think he is fighting for your dad, get a second opinion (it's a good idea anyway). Tarceva has taken the place of Iressa -- you could ask about that. I hope you find something that helps.

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Susan -

If the primary tumor is not causing any problems or symptoms, they will usually stop chemo in Stage IV patients if it is not working on the mets (this was my mom's case.) Be very happy that they know this now. In my mom's case, we looked at the CT scan and kept going as the primary was shrinking, yet the cancer was running rampant in the bones.

Once the cancer reaches distant sites, the goal is to slow it and knock it back....a new chemo will hopefully do that.

Just take a deep breath, you will feel so much better once there is a new plan....there are A LOT of chemo protocols out there!


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