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Wow! Thanks Ellie and Randy!

I'll try to keep this short as possible. A lot has happened in the past 6 months. 12/29 doc thought Mike has stroked, sent for MRI. Called before we left diag. ctr and said go straight to hospital.Brain tumor. 1/10 brain tumor removed. Pathology report showed it came from his lungs. 14 WBR, 14 rads to his chest. Adenocarcinoma. Started Tarceva 4/2 and began getting sicker and sicker. Onc had him stop if for a few days, started him on lower does etc. CT scan ordered by pcp for pain we thought could be gall bladder on 6/1 showed liver mets. Onc said no trials. PCP put us in touch with Dr. John Powderly at Carolina Biooncology in Huntersville. He had a trial. During the extensive testing to get into the trial we learned that he in the past two weeks has had a stroke. When we went to the hospital to get his port the ekg shows lateral eschemia. The stroke(?) eliminated him from the trial. This past monday he had his first chemo.

Mikes been in bed now for 6 weeks except for the 3 days he was taking predisone 50mg over last weekend.

He's lost 55 lbs. Won't eat. I'm discouraged.

Hospice has come in. So far...I'm sure they will be of great help when it gets worse. Today he used the oxygen for the first time. It hurts to never get any good news....so many people here have remission or stabilization or "cures".

I need to add that Mike is 57 yrs old and worked until Christmas vacation as a conductor on a freight train....very strong, able and hardy.

Please share with me how you helped your loved ones during times like these. I feel like I'm failing as a caregiver!



Since I finally found this site, I am not so sure how you could get my email address unless I put it here. And since Mike has gotten ill we've been getting lots of unsolicited email and snail mail from "buy your house" to funeral directors. Seems like the vultures lurk at every corner. Let me know how to do what we need to do in order for all this not to be public, okay?

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