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Post Doctor's Visit


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You know I could be in deep doo doo here. After having it confirmed the cancer had spread to bones..and that i would undergo radiation and that i would probably lose weight....my husband, at my request, immediately went out and purchased two gallons of jamoka almond fudge!!! My alltime favorite most fattening ice cream. Have been having the time of my life eating all of this!!!

Just an hour ago, came back from visit to oncologist who talked about my radiation and oh yes...mentioned that it has spread elsewhere i.e.. adrenal glands in my chest.

Got back to the apt.. and tore open a Coffee Crisp chocolate bar..(that my daughter brought over last night to cheer me up as they are another no no as a rule..) .but hey!! I'm going to lose weight anyway right????

Well....the joke will be on MOI if the losing weight part doesn't materialize :roll:

Food for thought!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the non-fattening kind. Will leave now to update my profile with more bad news :cry:

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ok blue bayou, I think we may have to change your name to fighter-bayou

please eat your ice-cream and then get ready to fight this rotten disease----

I know that it must be devasting to you, but it does not have to be a death sentence, look at Connie B and all other survivors on here---

so sorry for what you are going through now---but you will get through this and the fight will kick in

by the way have you ever tried chunky monkey ice cream?That will keep the weight on you!

we need you on here, you have been very supportive-so please get your fighting spirit up and kick the s*** out of this cancer


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Dear Bluebayou,

So sorry to hear about the mets. I agree with you...bulk up and get your fighting weight on. The chemo and rad will effect your appetite. Plus you just need comforting rght now. I think I will have a bowl with you! Take care and pamper yourself right now! Cyber hugs!!!


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I am there with you in spirit too.....

You keep fighting and don't give up on this. Bulk up like you were going to the Olympics!!!

I, like Cheryl, will have a bowl of ice cream in support!! When I got out of the hospital I had lost so much weight (this was a good thing for me!)and then started in on Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia on almost a nightly basis. Ice cream does soothe the soul!

Wishing you tons of luck and good wishes...


47 years old

stage 1a-nsclc

Surgery June 16, 2003 -upper & mid lobe removed

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