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Big Surprise


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My dear 59 year old wife is just detected in late December with lung cancer. We immediately left our home of 27 years in Hawaii, for Seattle and the Swedish Cancer Institute. The bronchscopy and PET scan revealed stage IIIB in upper left lung, with lymph node, and vocal nerve involvement.

She has never smoked, and we have been using health foods for years. It is a true mystery how this occurred, and her apparent healthfulness threw our GP off track for awhile. She had started having voice issues in late October, and was first treated for acid reflux.:(

We have a great oncologist at Swedish, who specializes in non smoking women's lung cancer. He has started her on Tarceva. She is also taking a full range of natural supplements and Chinese herbals. If anyone knows of a counter-indication on any supplement with regard to Tarceva - please let us know. Our Dr has referred us to a naturopath, who happens to be out of town until 1 Feb.

This is a great forum, and a blessing to the newly frightened - thanks for all the effort.......Ken

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This is a great forum and am sorry you found out through your wife's cancer. No one has the answers for why lung cancer hits some of us that do lead healthy life styles. For that matter the docs don't know why other diseases and cancer strike down the people they do.There are all kinds of supplements to research and decide if they are worth taking. What helps one may not help another. Keep your spirits up and always hope. Will be praying for you and your wife. pammie

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Hi Ken,

I'm sorry to hear of your wife's diagnosis. Hope this site can offer some support, information, or whatever it is you need. It sounds as though you have a good plan in place for treatment. The one thing that I do know is that Tarceva can be rendered ineffective if grapefruit or grapefruit juice is taken.

Best wishes.


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I am glad you found us. We have other members that are also being treated at Swedish. Did someone tell you to avoid grapefruit while on Tarceva? Don't ask me why, but when my husband took it they said no grapefruit. I hope the Tarceva works for her-- it can be a miracle drug.


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Welcome to the site. I have been taking Tarceva since August 2005. I take some supplements and herbs. Sloan Kettering has a web site where you can get information on many herbs and supplements:


You might want to fill in the profile and post on the Introduction Forum. You will get more response there. If I can answer any questions let me know.

Stay positive, :)


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