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I am new to this site. My Mom's back pain started in the beginning of Nov 2006 (70yrs old/smoker). Muscle relaxer perscribed and finally with the pain intensifing (Dec. 2006) my sister and I took her to the ER for an x-ray. LUNG CANCER!! She started with the testing, spine MRI, bone scan, CT scan and biopsy. Non Small Cell LC Stage IV. Both lungs, tumor on spine, spots on liver, rib and femer bone. She was always in excellent health. 10 radition treatments to the spine and pain was releived. Chemo ready to start 3 weeks after radition ended and all test re-taken including brain MRI. 20 small brain tumor found. No Chemo instead 10 radiation treatment for the brain. Today is the 10th treatment and only condition is sometimes she can't find the word she's looking for. She has never cried, never mad only says "DO WHAT YOU GOT TO DO". Dr. says in 2 weeks we will see how she is and decided about chemo or comfort measures. She is active and is feeling fine. She can't believe she has it in so many places a feels pretty good. Is this common? I don't think the fight is over yet. She has incredible inner strength and is not willing to give up yet. Do you think chemo could help?

This is all new to us and any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to you all.


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Sorry you had to find us.

Is it common to feel fine and yet have lung cancer in many places?...yes. One of the things that makes this disease such a horrible thing. No early warning.

My mother felt fine and then began to experience motor issues on her left side.

Would chemo help. Depends on your mom's wishes. Really question the doctor...have your mother tell the doctor what she hopes to accomplish through treatment...then have the doctor commit to whether what your mom is hoping to achieve is achievable.

Best of luck to you.

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Welcome to the site...I am very sorry to hear about your mom. My husband also felt well until the day of diagnosis. There are many mild treatments that may help her--Nick makes a good point about talking to the doctor. Good luck.

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I'm so sorry you have a reason to be here and I am so sorry about your mom's diagnosis.

Lot of good advice already, learn all you can about her options- chemo can definitely help and talking to the dr. will give you a better idea of where you guys stand. Also remember that statistics are just that- numbers- look at survivors of lung cancer for strength and courage and HOPE as you guys embark on this cancer journey. I am quoting our very own "Connie B" (11 yr. LC Survivor) when I say "It's do-able!"

Your mom wants to fight, give it your all! There ARE survivors of stage IV here. Talk to her, talk to her doctor, and keep doing what you're doing in supporting and loving her.

We will be here for you. Keep us updated and keep posting!

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