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Saw The Cancer Doctor Today

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My Dad saw the Cancer Doctor this morning,he has lost some more weight since his last visit before Christmas. We asked her all the questions that we wanted answers to and she told us honestly why certain things are happening. She does not want to see him again, but has given us a open appointment to see her again if we need to. She asked if it was just Mum and the family who are caring for Dad at home,as it is. She said we can have the help from the Macmillan cancer nurses with Dad in his daily care,or they can just come round for a chat and give you support in any way that they can if and when you might need it.So at least we know we can have some extra care and help if we feel we need it.

It seems to me as if there is nothing more that the Doctor can do for Dad, other than be there for us if we need help. Its a case of Dad being with his family, where he should be on this horrible cancer journey.

We know that we are giving him the best care that we can and will continue to to so for as long as possible.

We have just got our own dog,from the Labrador Rescue Trust,he is 17 months old, black called Ash. He needed a home, and we feel he is a great help to us at this time. It's good to take him for walk, clears my head. He has been with us for just over a week,so its time to take him to see Dad,it will be nice for him to talk to Ash.

In the early 90's my Dad worked in the U.S.A. for a few years he loved it. He was a toolmaker engineer, in Cleveland in Ohio,home of the Browns.

Well thanks for letting me ramble on tonight.

God Bless Sonia

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