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Quick Update On Mom


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I talked to her last night for a while and she'd been back in to see her med. onc. who she's not seen for almost 6 months...when he patted her ont he shoulder and told her she had a couple weeks left to live. :roll:

He told her "You are AMAZING" which made her feel good, of course. The primary tumor in the lung is gone, the lungs show nothing but healthy tissue. Of course, there's the matter of her head and neck that we never seem to be able to clear out...so who knows.

Her main problem right now is SOB which they tell her must be from treatment because there's no infection and, as I said, no tumor growth. She's also started having moderately severe pain at the base of her skull and across her brow. They've doubled her fentynal, kept her ativan going, and have now added methadone.

Going along with how weird our senses of humor are I said to her, "Gee, Mom, that stuff's like gold on the street!!" She says, "Oh yeah?" (laughing) I said, "Yup, do you know how HARD it is to get methadone?? Man, you gotta be DYING to get it!!" :wink:

We both laughed a while and decided that was a good way to end talking for the evening.

I think we're heading up there to see her this weekend and show her the ultrasound pictures I have of the newest grandbaby...and she's going with me to my appointment next month where they'll do another one so she can see this critter moving around.

Much love and many prayers for everyone out there...

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