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Help is now at hand for us all

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Two days ago we rang our cancer nurse to ask for some help for Mum being the main carer with Dad. Two nurses came today, to see what is needed to be done to help. They will be coming in twice a day to wash and dress him in the mornings and get him ready for bed at night times. He is so weak, and where he has said no to certain suggestions, he is now agreeing as we have all said it is to help us all,as he is in pain and we fear him falling or us hurting him. We would hate for him to fall and break a bone. Its horrible to see him just bones, no muscles left.

They are also bringing a special liquid food which will be easier to digest, if he doesnot want solid foods.

He has also been refered to go to the hospice when the time is right. It makes me so sad to see what has happened to him over the last few months. But when I see him I try to be as normal as possible, and know deep down this help is for the best,it can't be done in the same way alone.

I am praying for Grace and her family,and their guardian angel is with them all.

Thankyou for just letting me write my feelings and thoughts down tonight.

I know I am not alone, as there are some wonderful brave people out there giving love prayers and support to others. Not one of them are selfish and just think of themsleves, but they do understand how others feel and I bless you all for that. Since I found you I have found comfort and a place to ask what I don't understand and there has always been an answer for me.The replies have been most helpful.

Goodnight Love Sonia UK

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You are right, Sonia, we are all here for you. We are praying for you, supporting you, crying with you...........we're with you through it all. It is good you have gotten this help. All os us just HATE what this disease does to such wonderful people. I hope your dad is comfortable and can enjoy some family time. I'll be thinking of you tonight too!


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Sonia I too know the pain you are dealing with. I had less time but that is irrelevant. Sending Prayers for strength and Peace tonite for you and your Family.

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