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will not be on as much. . .


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Hello new friends that I love dearly!

I finally got a job, so I won't have as much time to be on the computer, and Mom(Judy B) is back, so she can also fill me in on how everyone is doing!

I will try to check in at least everyday, and I just didn't want anyone to think that now that Mom is getting better, that I would dissapear, just so happens I was fortunate enough to get a gig on a film for a few weeks.

Take care and you are all in my thoughts, and feel free to email me directly especially if you are someone in need of an ear or shoulder. I'm always here even if I don't get on the baord everyday. You guys helped me when I needed the support, so I want to do the same. :D *hugs* Prayers* and positive thoughts* to all. . .

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Guest tcandy214

STEPHANIE when you become a big movie star you can be a advocate for lung cancer my 12 year old daughter does auditions and itonically just got a vo for nicodrm patches i used to smoke before lung cancer it was an easy part for her goood luck mak it big do you have any ides about

becoming an extra

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Hey All,

Well I am now going back to the nouse house, as we animators like to call it, DISNEY, to work for the next 10 weeks on a feature, so I will have a more regular sch, so I will be on more.

The movie I was just on was called Fallacy, and I was only the assistant to the director, so name dropping won't help you, BUT go see BROTHER BEAR on NOV 1st!!! (I drew on that one) and we need to support 2D animation.

And yes when I am famous, but it won't be for acting, I gave that up years ago, I am planning on being whatever I can to help lung cancer!!

Cheers and it is good to be back.

PS, Mom, Judy B< doesn't have her computer, so that is why she has been out too, but we care and miss everyone!

PSS In Malibu, I heard one of the actors talking about water with nicotien?? do you guys know about this??

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