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Essiac Tea?


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Hello All,

I was at my support group the other day and a couple of women were telling me about essiac tea and the benefit it offers to some types of cancer. I was curious if anyone has tried it? I haven't checked with what my doctor might think about it but I knew I could get a quick response here.



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I am afraid this isn't musch of a response, but... My husband met someone who is an essiac tea proponent, and therefore bought it for my mom. My mom's doctor told her don't start anything in a brown bottle or anything that can't be stored in bright sunlight as it may contain live cells or spores that might be counter productive, I don't know why. Definately check with your doctor, and give her/him the list of all ingredients, as well. I'm sending you all the best thoughts in this struggle!!!

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When my husband was first diagnosed we tried essiac tea....we are just south of the area where the tea was actually first made up....so it is a somewhat common extra approach. Some people think it works...or at least helps. I don't know if it did anything for my husband or not. We did not stay on the regular schedule with it and currently he isn't on it. I have to check with the doctors if he can with tarceva. We went to the health food store and bought the actual ingredients and brewed it ourselves. We did check with the oncology department and asked if it was ok when he was doing gemzar/carboplatin as you do have to watch any extra supplements that you use when doing chemo. I don't think these are really classed as supplements - really just herbs - burdock root, sheep sorrel herb, slippery elm powder and turkish rhubarb root. We asked our family doctor and he says that there are people around that swear by it. If you ever get a chance - and you like to read - the book about the woman - Cassie - who developed it - is really good. Hope I was of some help, Heather

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We bought a bottle of the original essiac tea at some point after Tony was diagnosed. He never did use it and it remained unopened. The kick I got out of this tea is that we paid 40 some dollars for a 10.5 oz bottle and it says "use within 2 weeks after opening". Geez, pricey stuff. What a racket.

I've been using it here and there since I came down with bronchitis. Don't know if it helped, but figured I didn't want to waste the $$$. :shock: I try to tell myself that it tastes like Vick's cough syrup (from when I was a kid), but it doesn't.


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