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Dad is back in the hospital.


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This time with dehydration. He has been having a lot of vomiting and diarrhea. He also isn't able to eat hardly at all and has been living off of Ensure. His girlfriend told me he had been getting quite forgetful lately. Could that be signs of brain mets? She broke down and told me last night that the cancer had spread to his windpipe months ago, but that they haven't done a scan since the fall. I am going to try and make it up there next week to see him. My father in law happens to be here visiting this weekend with us and he is headed back to West Virginia on Sunday, so I could possibly hitch a ride with him and then take a plane back. I still have to find arrangements for the kids. They are in school. Their spring break is coming up though in the middle of next month.

Oh, and as far as I know, dad's eye isn't much better from the infection and his girlfriend said that it sounds like he still has the pneumonia and he is still coughing up that "stuff". She evidently asked the doctor how long dad had at a recent visit and was told bad news, but she refuses to tell me. She said it is something dad has to make up his mind to do, because she promised she wouldn't tell me. I respect her for keeping her word to my dad, but at the same time, feel I need to know. Dad though, was upset at her because he said even he didn't want to know. She thinks he is giving up.

Is there any advice? What about brain mets? Someone asked me if I thought it had spread to his brain because of these symptoms he has been having lately.

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Dehydration can cause forgetfulness and confusion, so it may be that. I guess you will know if he gets better after being hydrated in the hospital. I hope they get him feeling better with fluids and antibiotics for his pneumonia. I am glad you are going to see him.

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I'm so sorry this is so rough for you right now. I remember what it was like to be far away, and it was heartbreaking.

You might do a search on 'chemobrain'. I truly beleive that is what is going on with my Mom--forgetful, repeats things over and over to me, and has no memory of telling it to me the first time. I've just learned to respond each time like it is new--it is upsetting to her otherwise.

Lots of prayers headed your way. Take care and keep us posted.

:) Kelly

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