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My husband's oncologist is going to start him on a different chemo drug called Alimta in a month. Can anyone here who has taken this chemo drug or cared for someone taking it give me some idea of what we might expect? We were told it would not be as bad as the Taxotere and Carboplatin he received 6 cycles of. Thanks for any input.

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My dad started out well on Alimta, but then it started taking its toll. He lost his appetitite, and at times just couldn't get food down. He also was extremely fatigued. The Dr. ended up putting him on a steriod which helped with both appetite and fatigue. The Alimta keep the cancer stable for a couple of months, but then the cancer began to grow again.

Although, and I'm sure you are going to experience this a lot, but different chemo's work differently for people.

Best of luck.

- Amanda

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John had a hard time with Alimta-- it really knocked him down especially as time went on. Amanda's post just reminded me that the doctor lengthened the time he took steroids to get him through some of the rough patches. Once the steroids stopped he was down for the count. He asked for a break toward the end and that helped, so don't be afraid to do that. His counts went down also and at one point he had to take antibiotics as he had the start of a lung infection. That said, it worked especially with the Avastin -- I hope he has success with it.

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