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Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to respond to my plea. You don't know what a difference it makes just knowing there are other people who are dealing with the same/similar emotions and situations. Thankyou for giving me back a little bit of perspective about some of the crazy situations we have found ourselves in. THANKYOU .

After writing all of this down and posting it yesterday it did provide an outlet and maybe that's what I needed to prompt me to stop being childish and go sort this situation out. So I went upstairs and ran him a bath, got him out of bed and held him, cried, told him I loved him and was sorry, so did he. I helped him take a bath and we talked reasonably. I can't say this won't happen again as memories fade, however, we agreed some ground rules for how we treat each other.

One of the biggest things we agreed was how mad we both were that we had changed roles and I was now doing some of the "man" chores that he did and can't now manage and I need to understand this from his point of view and be sensitive to it as well! I think I also finally started to accept that I have to do some things and go to some places on my own now as he can't manage them, that's a tough one as we have always enjoyed doing everything together. I have to remember I am not ill,so stop limiting my own life so much

So I guess the saga of the menopausal wife and the Tarceva taking man will continue in peace until the next time.I will respond to those of you who have included personal email addresses as it has helped me so much to deal with this.

We saw the Consultant last night and he prescribed some steroids again to give him a boost and help to put on a bit of weight, some antibiotics for Tarceva rash, it is coming back again so we will see if it gets as bad as last time or hopefully manageable this time.

Next visit to Consultant is scheduled for 4 weeks time when we will be able to do the scans to see if liver secondary and Bronchial primary have shrunk from both Radiation and Tarceva.

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