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shortness of breath


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I was talking to Mom tonight, and she says she's been having more shortness of breath than usual recently (it seems a bit worse since finishing her radiation) She can still get around, but gets a bit more winded. No fever, chills, chest pain - she just had her yearly physical 2 days ago and got a clean bill of health.

I'm wondering if this could be a side effect of the radiation - anyone have any insight??

We're off tomorrow for her first post-treatment CT and we will meet with the doc later that morning, so we'll certainly ask her, but any information y'all could share will be greatly appreciated.

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My Radiation Oncologist says that my shortness of breath and overall tiredness is from the radiation. Even once you are finished with the treatments they continue to work for a few weeks afterwards according to my notes. Other than that they can look into Radiation pnuemonitis or COPD.


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Radiation pneumonitis is likely although it could be fluid. It is inflammation that may or may not go way eventually or could change to radiation fribrosis, a permanent scarring. Doctors sometimes prescribe steroids to halt the process of inflammation and so minimize permanent damage. It has its own risks though.

Don M

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There are many potential causes of increased shortness of breath in patients who have undergone radiation for lung cancer, including pneumonia, a pleural effusion (fluid around the outside of the lung that limits the ability of the lung to expand), progressing cancer, a blood clot in the lungs, etc., but inflammation after radiation that leads to increased shortness of breath is quite common. I wrote a post on radiation penumonitis (inflammation) on my website if you're interested in reading more. It's here:


Take care.

-Dr. West

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