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Hello, Johnny,

I don't know if anyone would be willing to say that I am "cured", but at this point in time there doesn't appear to be any evidence of disease in my body.

I'm going through chemo right now (carbo and taxotere), and had the remainder of my right lung, right side mediastinal nodes and a rib removed back in May of this year. Prior to that I was on Iressa as part of a clinical trial, and before that there were 2 separate surgeries to remove segments of my upper and lower lobes of the right lung.

So, all in all I'm a 4 year, 4 month, 5 days survivor of Stage IV Adenocarcinoma with Bronchioloalveolar Features.

I've been very aggressive in pushing for treatment, Johnny. I strongly recommend going for second, third and however many opinions it takes to find someone willing to treat me and help keep me alive. I was 44 when I was diagnosed. I plan on living a very long time.

Best Wishes to you and your wife,

Fay A.

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As with Fay, my mother has stage IV NSCLC and was diagnosed in early 1999. She too is a fighter and insisted all along on many opinions and scans of areas that her doctors were sure weren't needed. (That's how they found brain mets so quickly).

I wish I could say ya, she's cured but she's still here, right?? And that's worth a lot.


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