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Has anyone ran into the problem of insurance company not wanting to pay for cyberknife treatment? My dad, after having his lung removed, now has a small cancer spot on his liver. The physician wants to do cyberknife, but his insurance has denied. This sounds crazy to me!

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The doctor may have someone on staff that will take care of this for you also. Our oncologist has an employee that deals with getting procedures approved, qualifying for compassionate use of medications, trials, etc.--so you might want to ask.

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I have been told that Medicare approves of cyberknife for use on lung tumors and so I think they would approve of liver tumors too. I think if Medicare covers it that would be good to point out that in an appeal. Also, I have read that most insurance companys have RNs, not qualified experts, who make these decisions, and that you can usually prevail if you get a preponderance of expert documentation.

Don M

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