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ned date?


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Hi everyone. I had surgery in Aug. o5,and after a delay started chemo as a precautionary that ended at the end of Dec.05. What would the onco classify as my ned start date. Surgery day or the end of chemo sessions day.Also I am so happy to have been ned this long but it makes me even a little more nervous thinking that now it is more likely than ever to show back up. Is this normal? Thanks again everyone

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Dude! Start it from the day that damn critter was removed! You were "cancer free" on that day, to heck with possible "free radicals" and all that crap. WAAA-HOOOOO!

I lived ten days KNOWING I had lung cancer. Those ten days kicked my butt. My surgery date is the all important date, not when I stopped whatever treatment - after all, you don't know how long those things keep working, either!

Yeah, surgery date...like measuring your height with your shoes on and your weight totally nekid after you pee and exhale deep - if it changes later, it changes later, but keep all the positives you can first and foremost in your mind.

Keep on keepin' on!


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