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Hi! I'm in 7th grade and doing a project for school...Help??

Guest browneyedgirl372

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Guest browneyedgirl372

In social studies, I want to do this extra credit. I have to write to the government about something, any issue worth discussing. I want to request more funds from the government to help with lung cancer. My friend's mother was just diagnosed...he says that she is going to have surgery and be back to normal in January...I hope so. Well that got me interested and I wanted to find out more. I found this site and I decided to look around. When I read all of the information, just on the first page, it made me really sad. Since I've got that extra credit, I figure it's a bonus that a teacher can help me out too. I was wondering who to write to, what exactly to say, and where I can get more information. If anyone can help me out, I would really appreciate it.

I also wanted to send my love to all of you out there struggling with lung cancer...*much hugs* I wish I could help more some way.

So if anyone has anything that I should know, or any information that I'd need to send something to the government, thanks!


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What a great project! I have a daughter that is also in the 7th grade.

Here's a place to start: If you search the Activism Forum you will find several letters written regarding lung cancer. Read the letters to Revlon especially DaveG's and Estrea's. Also I believe in the "Lung Cancer in the News" Forum are letters written to a newspaper, one is by Hebbie.

If you go to www.alcase.org you will find more information and a link to write to various officials.

Good luck on your assignment!

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Thank you! I'll check all of that out. I'm really glad that I found this site, I hope I can actually help something, and change something. That would be so awsome! I would just be so happy. If anyone else has more info, I'd be ecstatic!

I hope your husband's doing well!


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Another website is http://www.cancer.gov which is the website for the National Cancer Institute. Once there you can look up lung cancer and get many statistics about the disease. The statistics can be kind of scary, but at this site, Lung Cancer Survivors for Change, attest to, there are many survivors of lung cancer.

I hope you write a successful and informative paper.

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Hi Mony,

Great project!!!! Below is a bunch of sites for more information. Also if you use www.google.com for your search engine and type in lung cancer you will come up with many more sites. Hope this helps. Good luck and God Bless.


PS:If you want to ask me questions with your parents permission and understanding you can e-mail me @ dadstimeon@aol.com





http://www.asco.org/ac/1,1003,_12-00221 ... 001,00.asp

http://www.cancercare.org/LungCancer/Lu ... .cfm?c=169

http://www.cancereducation.com/cancersy ... N=15512478




hhttp://host.veritasmedicine.com/index. ... ancers.com




http://www.ucsfhealth.org/adult/medical ... conditions


http://www.cancerlifecenter.com/engine. ... dictionary






http://www.cansa.co.za/facts_myths_gene ... online.org





http://www.patientcenters.com/news/lung ... rview.html


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Hi there Mony;

I just wanted to say your doing a wonderful thing and this SURVIVOR just wants to thank you. So thanks alot, it means much to many of us!! :):) I see you have lots of sites so I will not add any.

Also, I had surgery, like your freinds mom will get and I'm doing just fine today. That was almost 2 & 1/2 years ago. You might want to let her know we're here if she wants to talk.

God bless you and thanks again

Bobmc- NSCLC-stage IIB- left pneumonectomy - 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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Guest browneyedgirl372

Oh my gosh! Thank you guys so much! I really appreciate it! I really wish that I could do more. I'm praying for you guys, and that's the best I can do. I'm glad that your surgery went well!! I hope that all of you are feeling well and keeping positive attitudes. That helps lots. :D Thanks for the sites Rich, and the offer to email you, I'll keep it in mind, I think for now I'm good with the sites :)

I hope the government decides to help, even a little wud be terrific, I suppose, even if they replied...Well be happy and healthy!


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Mony, just wanted to say that your parents must be very proud of you. You are also one heck of a good friend-to find your friends mothers diagnosis so interesting and to go and seek information to help, wow!

Take care, let us know how your project goes...and also, if you don't mind, let us know how your friends mom does. Maybe you could let her know about this site, too. It might be something that she'd want to get involved in, too. Best wishes, Deb

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I think everyone else has given you some good answers, I just want to say that I can't believe you are only in the 7th grade - you sound so mature and together! I was a good student and a good girl in the 7th grade, but I would never be taking the initiative you are, or sounding so poised.

Best of luck with your project and with your friend's mother, and God Bless you,

Karen C.

wife of David C. - Mom to Faith (adopted from China exactly a year ago and the world's most wonderful two year old!)

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You sound like a very bright and responsible young lady. It is really nice to read your postings and concern and caring for others. You are a very mature person for your age and you will be an inspiration to others and will succeed in your future endeavors. Your parents must be very proud of you.

Good luck on writing your paper for school. I am sure it will be worthy of an A+ grade.

God Bless and thank you......


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