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Do You Remember When?


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There are, alas, some I didn't live through...but I paid close enough attention to have heard of every single one of them.

What made me smile most was thinking about chasing fireflys. A friend of mine has lived in Washington state most of her life (the western part) and the first time she came for a visit in the summer I couldn't figure out what she was so intrigued by, staring out the window. She finally asked what all the flashing was going on outside. She'd never seen fireflies before...and we were quickly returned to childhood (at 30-some years old) when we ran out the door to try to catch some!! (By the way, it's MUCH easier to catch them when you're younger!! :D )

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I also remember, 25 cents for a matinee movie which had double features.

Walking home from school in first grade for lunch and there were 15 minutes soap operas.... The guiding light and Search for tomorrow. I remember on Search for Tomorrow there was a little girl named


Don't know if this was mentioned, but how about party lines. I used to try to listen in. :D

I remembered being pick up for curfew at age 13 and being put in a paddy wagon and my down came down to the police station with his pajamas... :roll: Boy I was scared to death.

Maryanne :wink:

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