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Guest northernlass

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Guest northernlass

Hi, I was given the news in December 2001, that I had NSCLC. It was like someone had opened up a hole and pushed me in and I have spent the last year and a half climbing out.

I had a lobectomy (upper left lobe removed) now that was no walk in the park as anyone who has had that surgery can tell you. But I was wondering how may others still have a lot of pain after a year and a half. I do, is that normal? and if it is, how can I get rid of it. I tell my doctor and he grunts, makes strange noises and then acts like I never said a word. I had complications but that should not be still an issue, my doctor told me not to worry and quit complaining as I was now cancer free, but I would like to get checked out to make sure I am still ok.

MY doctor moved out of town 9 mos ago, I was never referred to an Oncologist, and never had any other treatments.

We live in a Northern area of Ontario and will have to travel to see another doctor but I don't mind, I want someone to tell me how I am doing, the not knowing for sure is driving me nuts.

I want to go and get checked out, I am getting concerned once again, I am loosing weight and get tired far too easily, I felt much better 10 months ago than I do now. Where do I go,

Our health system is in the garbage and the doctors are so overworked that they just can't seem to get interested enough to even refer me to anyone. I have no idea how to get an Oncologist to see me, I have asked for a referral so many times, and the docto said ok, but he never seems to get around to doing it. I call the office every couple of weeks, but the girl just says he hasn't had time to make the appointment for me yet. \

Can I do it myself?? Does anyone have any idea how I can help myself and get the help I think I need.

I would appreciate and help anyone can give me.. :?

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Keep trying! You definitely need follow up. Here in the states they are recommending chemo for all Stage I because about 40 % have the cancer return . I worked in Quebec in 91' and I experienced first hand your socialized medicine , I am an RN and worked in a hospital there. It is great as long as you don't get sick but you can work with it so don't give up. How about some of you Canadians, do you have any hints? Please keep us posted on your progress. Also I had back pain for a long time, finally was sent to a back pain specialist and he found I had lots of trigger points, I bet it was from the surgery. Good luck Donna G

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I know nothing about your medical system but will take Donna's word on it regarding don't get sick. I know if I were in your shoes, I would not be on the phone anymore, I would sit myself in the drs office who you are trying to get a referral from until he gave me a referral. It's your life, not his/hers.....

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Hi Northernlass..

I'm presently seeing a doctor here in Ottawa out of the Ottawa Regional Cancer Clinic. If you would go to this web site: www.cancercare.on.ca there is a listing there of all the cancer clinics in Ontario and phone and fax numbers are provided.

You could perhaps get in touch with the one closest to you and put forth your case straight to them.

Good luck with that and if I can be of any help, please just let me know.

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I live in British Columbia and yes, our health care system has its problems. BUT, when someone is diagnosed with something like cancer, I have seen them get immediate help and excellent treatment. I agree with Norme -- I'd sit my derriere down in the doctor's office until an appt. was made and after that, I'd get myself a new GP. At least in B.C., once you've seen a specialist, you can refer yourself back as long as it's within 6 months without your GP's office having to intervene. And with lung cancer, one would think that you're being followed at least every 6 months by some sort of specialist.

Good luck. Let me know what happens with your referral.


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