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Good news but scary night


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It was a scary evening. Mike started having an asthma attack mid afternoon. It wouldn't let up.

A little background - Mike was a childhood asthmatic whose asthma gradually got better as he matured. In the thirty two years (almost) that we have been married, he has NEVER had to go to the doctor, much less the hospital with an asthma episode. When he was diagnosed in Jan of 2002, they gave him inhalers and he used the daily dose one for about 3-4 months and then quit because he wasn't having any trouble breathing what so ever. (Doc said it's due to IV steroids given at chemo times).

Anyway - Our daughter got a yellow lab dog and we were over there a week ago and it kicked up his asthma. We were using the inhalers we had (a year old) and it did nothing. By 6:15 pm he was ready to go to the hospital.

We got to the hospital at 6:40 and we were leaving by 8:00 pm. They gave him a new prescription for inhaler and an antibiotic (just in case). The ER doc said it was hard to tell from the chest x-ray if he had pneumonia or not.

He got up this morning - ate two big bowels of raisin bran and bananas....said he felt pretty good.

I believe the months and months of prayers bathing him have offered him protection. God is so GOOD. Don't ever forget to pray! Sometimes prayers have a long range protection plan! LOL

Love and hugs,

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Shannon & Mike, Howcome with this &*^%**$# LC good news always seems to have some bad along with it? But the good will prevail!!!

As far as prayer. I read (heard) somewhere that patients who had prayers said for them (the patients didn't even know about it) did MUCH better than patients who did not. So, everyone who prays for Mike surrounds him with healing. JudyB

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Shannon and Mike, I am curious about Mike's asthma because Lucie also had childhood asthma which resurrected itself in recent years. I woder if there is any link with asthma and lung cancer? Maybe it is just a coincidence but we were told that for non-smokers, a constant irritation of some sort of the lung lining could set one up for cancer. Hope Mike is better now. We have had a lot of pollen in the air lately and that has aggrevated the asthma. Don

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Don I read somewhere on the net that asthmatics(sic) have a higher incident of LC if they smoke(which was me), not sure how valid it is I was never diagnosed as a child with asthma, was dx when I was 29 with it, my mother told me a few months ago she believes I had asthma as a child as I always coughed a lot, we just didn't go to the doctor much those days, plus I started smoking around 13 yo . I bet I read that on www.webmd.com

I used to read lots of struff there.

Take caare all, stay well Mike and Lucie!

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