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Getting Much Worse...

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Hello All,

Just an update....my Mom completed chemo, and kept most of her hair. The bad news is that the cancer is in her bones, and 70% of her pelvis is gone. They are putting her on methadone now. Radiation is not doing much good. There are 2 Home Health Aides assisting my stepfather with her care. I go back to the Buckeye State on Sat. It is all so heartbreaking.

How can this happen this quickly? In Feb she was walking somewhat, by March a walker, and just a couple of weeks later, bed bound and wheelchair.

She does not want to know her prognosis, and my stepfather and sister and doctors are talking in "code" so to speak, because she does not want to know anything. She is very frightened now too.

I am so so sad. I am scared to lose my mother. Thanks for listening. I feel so alone. (though I am not really, but yet it feels that way) I wish she was not in so much pain.

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I am so sorry your mother is not doing well. I wish there was something perfect to say and make it better. It is so hard for us to cope when something is beyond what we can change. Please know that we are here for you all the time. Cancer can be so unpredictable. Sending you, Mom and family warm thoughts of comfort and peace.


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there are so many things that this disease can NOT Take away from us. Love and Compassion are 2 of those things. It is a scary disease with tragic results. ANd unfortunately the Man upstairs calls the shots, not us. We live with the consequencesof the disease. Be strong for mom. Be supportive for mom. Remember all the happy things and times and always tell her how much you love her. Rememeber yesterday, Cherish today, and Pray for tomorrow. Sending Prayers for you and Mom and family of course.

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So very sorry that your Mom is not doing well. I know this will be a rough trip home for you. Please know that we will be keeping you and your Mom in our thoughts and prayers.

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