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Has anyone ever heard of this type of chemo?


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http://www.cancer.gov/Templates/drugdic ... drID=43130

This is for the first drug you asked about. Ths other 2 are more common than the first.


3) Periplatin


These are links I do not have personal experience but others coming along will help personally on these ddrugs where possible.

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Thanks for your replies. I really don't recall reading of anyone having this combination for SCLC. Is is pretty common, or is this new? I know this Dr. is pretty aggressive, and I think he confers with MD Anderson in Houston. I would really like to hear more, if anyone has any thoughts.



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Hi Bobby,

I have not hear of that but it does spark my curiosity because it seems like most doctors jump on the latest bandwagon in spite of what is working. Perhaps, in fact I am pretty sure, there are these less common treatments out there that are more effective. Please keep us posted on your sisters treatment (I know you will :) ).

I think about you and sis often.


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Hello Bobby,

As much as I've read about sclc treatment, I missed this one. The Taxol I've heard about and that is what the plan is for my husband (I think) if the Topotecan doesn't do it's thing. Praying this combination will to the trick for sis.


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There is a good listing of chemo drugs on the ChemoCare web site. All of the ones you mentioned are on there. It includes information on how they are used, as well as potential side effects.


Please keep us updated. I'm very interested in this combo too. There must be a reason he's going this route. I'm interested to learn more. Did you say she's having radiation too?

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