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Scar tissue?

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Can chemo alone create scar tissue or does it make more sense that if there had been Plurea Effusion and it had healed that it could be the cause of scar tissue?

Anyone experience serious pain while breathing and been told it was from scar tiisue?

Our appt with the Onc is Tuesday 24th, ain is quite serious, not enough for ER though. Narcotics not masking pain.

Curious, impatient.

Beat it!!

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Most oncologists have some sort of weekend on-call staff. You might consider calling and asking what to do. If narcotics are not helping with the pain, maybe there is something else that would help...??? Any problems with getting enough air in? My husband had some severe SOB and breathing pain too but that is because of the cancer.

Not really good information for you, Sorry, but offering warm thoughts to you this afternoon.

I hope it gets better.


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If this is "quite serious" then its worth a phone call to the doc's office. That's what we pay them the big bucks for. Please don't second guess this, it really could be something serious. Please make a call.

Oh and yes I have had serious pain when breathing and I made a call to my Onc Doc. I had radiation pneumonitis. It too can be painful.

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