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I'm fairly sure Gemzar and Gemcitabine are the same. Carboplatin and Cisplatin are different. I believe Cisplatin has more side effects but slightly better survival in earlier stage LC. I think the survival benefit of Cisplatin over Carboplatin at Stage 4 is negligible. I think I read that somewhere on Dr. West's onctalk.com site. You might want to look there. Hope that helped a little.


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Generic Name: carboplatin (car bo PLAH tin)

Brand Names: Paraplatin


Generic Name: Gemcitabine (jem-SYE-ta-been)

Brand Name: Gemzar


Generic Name: Cisplatin (sis-PLA-tin)

Brand Name: Platinol AQ

drugs.com is a good source for info.

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You can always look at the SIDE of this page were it says: Glossary. You'll find a lot of definition's there for most of what your looking for. Just thought I would offer some helpful hints to all that we offer here at LCSC. :wink:

Another good place is www.Drugs.com


If you type in a search useing lets say Gemzar you'll get all kids of websites with ton's of imformation.

Hope this helps.

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